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Latest Release

2013-01-24 - New YAML-Template

  • Optimized for DNN 7.x

2011-04-29 - New YAML-Template

  • Optimized for DNN 5.x
  • Can be used again with tutorial

Version 3.3, multilingual (Builder: 101012)

  • Implemented new YAML version (3.2) (changelog)

Version 3.2, multilingual (Build: 091027)

  • New YAML version (3.2) integrated (changelog)
  • The package has now 2 skins: 
    • Blank.ascx — All required stylesheets integrated, but skin is blank
      Optimal template for your individual layouts!
    • Example.ascx — Example skin on the basis of the current "Simple Project" layout of YAML.
      Liquid Layout with WAI-ARIA landmark roles.
  • Revised, improved patch css for DotNetNuke
  • Content.css is now optimized for DotNetNuke
Cross Browser Core of CSS-Frameworks

Source: http://blog.yaml.de/post/84/yaml-3-2-release-notes/



Optimized DNN 7  YAML Template for is ready to download.

Optimized YAML 4 Template for DNN > 6.1 is ready.

Revised tutorial and optimized YAML template for DNN 5.x

New YAML version 3.3 released and implemented in base skin --> ready to use with DotNetNuke. Release Notes

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