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Holy Trinity: DotNetNuke, YAML and jQuery

FLotter Dreier: DotNetNuke, jQuery, YAML
  • » YAML uses jQuery as official Javascript-Framework.
  • » DotNetNuke uses jQuery as official Javascript-Framework beginning from version 5. 

» Thanks to the widespread use of the three frameworks, you will find many existing code samples.

» New features in these frameworks will be tested to work together.

The DotNetNuke User Group Switzerland recommends:

  • DotNetNuke
  • YAML as CSS-Framework
  • jQuery as Javascript-Framework (integrated in DotNetNuke 5, add manually in DotNetNuke 4)


Optimized DNN 7  YAML Template for is ready to download.

Optimized YAML 4 Template for DNN > 6.1 is ready.

Revised tutorial and optimized YAML template for DNN 5.x

New YAML version 3.3 released and implemented in base skin --> ready to use with DotNetNuke. Release Notes

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