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Dear DotNetNuke Friend...

With this portal by the DotNetNuke Usergroup Switzerland we would like to help you to create CSS based layouts (skins) with the (X)HTML/CSS framework YAML.

Why a CSS-Layout?

CSS has been around for several years and is supported by all the major browsers available today, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Using CSS to layout your Web site will give you several benefits. 

If you want to create professional skins, you have to use CSS-layouts. Table based layouts are not accessible, messy and are against W3C recommendation. Most people fear CSS-layouts because they're a bit harder to learn. Well, with our tutorial, you're ready to go in a few hours!

Advantages of CSS-Layouts compared to Table-Layouts:

  • faster to load, easier to work with
    • less code 
    • clearly arranged code
  • seaparation of content and design 
    • allows separate layout for print or mobile devices
    • more flexible
    • better compatibility to JavaScript (jQuery) or Flash
  • allows flexible and elastic layouts
  • increases rank in search engines 
  • allows accessibility
    • for example optimization for visually handicapped users

What is YAML?

YAML ("Yet Another Multicolumn Layout") is an (X)HTML/CSS framework for creating modern and flexible floated layouts. The structure is extremely versatile in its programming and absolutely accessible for end users. YAML also integrates well with jQuery, the JavaScript framework of choice in DotNetNuke.



Optimized YAML 4 Template for DNN > 6.1 is ready. The Tutorial will be updated in a few days.

Revised tutorial and optimized YAML template for DNN 5.x

New YAML version 3.3 released and implemented in base skin --> ready to use with DotNetNuke. Release Notes

YAML Version 3.2.1 with another small improvements out now and already updated in the DNN&YAML base skin. Release Notes

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